Top Tips for Office Workers

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Top 3 Exercises for Office Workers

Do you work at a computer all day? Are you sitting for long periods of time without changing your posture?

According to Exercise Right “Australian statistics show that 68.5% of the workforce are either sedentary of have very low levels of activity.” Working in an environment where you are sitting for long periods of the day without much movement can increase your risk of chronic disease and injury as well as the development of musculoskeletal issues from repetitive movements involved in working at computers.

It is important in any occupation that you consider all the ways you can increase your incidental movement to make sure you aren’t experiencing prolonged periods without any movement. This can be done by walking to someones desk instead of sending an email, taking the stairs instead of the lift, having walk and talk meetings and adding some stretching regularly into your day.

Our key message is always individualised is best and you should speak to a health professional to make sure you understand the most appropriate solution for your personal health needs.

Our Accredited Exercise Physiologist Zoe Bauer and Physiotherapist Mardi Watson have prepared their Top 3 Tips for those of us who work at a computer or are sitting at a desk for prolonged periods.


If you are experiencing pain, discomfort or would like help with working on your posture, book in to see Zoe, Mardi or one of our many experienced health professionals to develop a plan to address your individual area of concern. Contact our team on or 3310 4969.

Here is some more information on Exercise for Office Workers from Exercise Right