Hamstring Rehabilitation

ASP_206Hamstrings and the Nordboard

– with Sports Physiotherapist Shane Lemcke
& Accredited Exercise Physiologist Huw Darnell

Hamstring injuries are among the most common injuries sustained in sports. Our team at QSMC and Aspire have put together a series of videos to give you some insight into hamstring rehabilitation and how a powerful tool like the Nordboard can help us better understand the strength of your hamstring muscles and if you are ready to return to your sport.

The team at Vald Performance developed the Nordboard and we are lucky enough to have one in the QSMC clinic. This tool helps us determine, through the testing of your hamstrings, what level of strength and rehabilitation work is required to reduce the risk of injury or injury reoccurrence to your hamstring.

Read the full article on the Norboard on our website and contact our team if you are ready to have your hamstrings tested today (07) 3891 2000

If you are interested in more in the hamstring rehab series check out these videos:
Introduction to the Nordboard
Hamstring Rehab – Early Stage
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Hamstring Rehab – Mid Stage
Hamstring Rehab – Late Stage