Deb Pickersgill

Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (ESSAM AEP)
Older Adult Specialist (FA)
Cancer Exercise Specialist (CES)
GD App Sci. (Exercise Science)
BA (Human Movement Studies)

07 3310 4969

Deb is a qualified and accredited exercise physiologist with both national and international accreditations focused on the prescription of exercise to all individuals including those impacted by both chronic disease, injury and medical conditions, the older adult as well as high performance. She is also one of only a few accredited cancer exercise specialists in Australia whose services have helped many people suffering from cancer.Deb is a qualified exercise specialist uniquely trained to assess, design and implement individual and group exercise and fitness programs for a wide range of all population groups and tailors programs that are safe, effective, challenging and enjoyable. With a keen eye for technique and progressing the individual, Deb understands the physical and emotional challenges faced by people with injuries, illness and cancer for any age group or physical ability. She can also provide practical advice relating to implementing exercise and fitness, returning to function, high performance of their chosen field of endeavour and assist with personal therapy aids.

Studying both at the University of Queensland and in the USA, Deb combined her studies, her passion for education, sport and human performance with her experience as an elite athlete (an Australian representative in discus) with a desire to improve health outcomes for wide range of people and conditions to help them return them to their goals and passions.

As a Cancer Exercise Specialist she has been uniquely trained to assess, design and implement individual and group exercise and fitness programs for those diagnosed with cancer, in treatment and those individuals now in survivorship recovering from their treatment related symptoms. Deb also works heavily with local and national cancer organisations such as the Queensland Cancer Council, YWBC and Prostate Cancer Support Groups to develop resources and educate both clients and health professionals in how to safely, practically and appropriately prescribe exercise both during and after the cancer process and assisting in recovery and rehabilitation techniques.

As a Medical Exercise Specialist, Deb is an exercise prescription professional who not only works with the typical client looking to improve their health, sport and fitness performance level; but is passionate about assisting those even with unique challenges.As an Older Adult Specialist, Deb also has extensive experience designing specific & tailored exercise programs targeted to the older adult.

For the client with little to no experience to those who are experienced and seeking more comprehensive & effective programming, one of Deb’s principal interests and skills is aimed at providing unique, effective and safe programming and education for the older adult and the ageing population.Deb works with clients with injury, chronic disease and complex care needs and works to promote a stronger understanding of processes and mechanisms underlying exercise assessment and the prescription of exercise or rehabilitation for apparently healthy, low and high health risk populations.

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