Cancer & Exercise

Cancer Rehabilitation is the process of physically recovering from your cancer and adjusting to any physical changes you may experience as a result of your illness or your treatment.

Cancer and its treatment affects people in different ways. Exercise Physiologists can help you with your physical rehabilitation by focusing on:

  • Restoring your independence
  • Preventing other physical or functional problems you may get from inactivity
  • Assisting with adjustments from physical changes
  • Preparing and assisting you to physically handle day to day activities.

Benefits of Program –

Rehabilitation and Physical Activity can assist with the 8 R’s of Healing:

  • Recognise the source
  • Remove the cause
  • Repair the tissue
  • Restore the function
  • Re-educate the body
  • Rebuild the whole body
  • Re-train for specific tasks, sports, goals or life
  • Rest the body and tissues through active res such as walking, swimming, biking or appropriate activities for the individual


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