Develop Triathlon specific strength and power to increase performance and prevent injury.

Triathlon requires many hours to be spent training on the road and in the pool developing a superior aerobic capacity and endurance vital for race day. Performance gains can be made from specific functional strength and power development, which have been shown to improve endurance performance and exercise economy. Due to the high repetitive nature of the sport, taking a specific functional training focus is also beneficial in injury prevention.

The aim of this program is to provide a structured and safe environment to perform strength and conditioning training that is specific to, and will compliment the work completed on the road and in the pool. The program will look to develop sport specific strength and power as well as focus on training specific structures and movement patterns to prevent injury. The program is also designed to cater for younger and developing athletes who are participating in a variety of sports. This is facilitated by the program targeting specific issues relevant to triathlon, while allowing a global approach to functional training which is transferable to other sporting environments.

Benefits of Program

  • Improve sport specific strength and power, in turn enhancing performance and performance economy
  • Improve strength and stability of relevant structures (Shoulder / Hip / Knee / Ankle / Core) in order to prevent injury
  • A movement and functional approach that will enhance athletic development
  • Education with regards to flexibility and recovery
  • Safe and structured environment to train with high level coaching


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