Track and Field

The variety of events in Track and Field requires specific training protocols to enhance performance

A specific functional strengthening program can enhance performance while reducing the risk of injury in all Track and Field events. Improvements made in strength and power qualities can in turn have an advantageous affect on speed and technique efficiency. These gains can be objectively measured by performance markers for –

  • Running efficiency
  • Acceleration
  • Jumping mechanics
  • Throwing performance
  • Technique improvements

It is also important to remember that these qualities can be enhanced without necessarily having an impact on body composition such as gaining weight. Focusing on specific movement patterns and body structures can ensure the athlete is not only more durable and robust to the repetitive nature of their sport, but facilitates the prevention of injury.

The track and field program is structured to address global movement strength patterns and specific core lifts. Each Strength and Conditioning program will be developed to address the individual requirements of the athlete and tailored to their chosen discipline.

Benefits of Program –

  • Improve sport specific strength and power
  • Enhance performance
  • Improve strength and stability of relevant structures (Shoulder / Hip / Core) in order to prevent injury
  • A movement and functional approach that will enhance athletic development
  • Education with regards to flexibility and recovery
  • Safe and structured environment to train with high level coaching


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