As a contact sport Rugby requires specific training to balance strength, power, speed and agility

Rugby is a high intensity, impact sport requiring a balance of strength, power, speed, and ability to absorb contact forces. A sport specific Strength and Conditioning program that progressively develops these qualities is paramount in the development of any rugby player. A specific Strength and Conditioning program can also help the rugby athlete reach their developmental goals such as increased lean muscle mass or reducing skinfolds.

The Aspire Fitness and Rehabilitation Rugby program will provide a professional and structured training environment to develop rugby specific physiological qualities. The program will have a major emphasis on developing core lifts and efficient movement mechanics. Specific structures such as the neck, shoulder girdle, core / hips, knee and ankle are targeted. Strategies are implemented aimed at strength and stability of the musculoskeletal system, in order to prevent rugby related injuries.

Benefits of Program –

  • Improve sport specific strength and power
  • Enhance performance in running and during contact
  • Improve strength and stability of relevant structures in order to prevent injury
  • A movement and functional approach that will enhance athletic development
  • Education with regards to flexibility and recovery
  • Safe and structured environment to train with experienced high level coach


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