Lifting Technique

Prevent injury while learning how to establish correct Lifting Techniques

Consultations are aimed to evaluate and correct lifting technique through a variety of Olympic and Core lifts performed as a part of the client’s strength program. The program provides the client with the relevant education to lift with safety and confidence. It allows the client to work efficiently towards achieving their desired goals. Individual recommendations are also made to any variations and progressions of specific lifts that might suit the individuals training age and sport specific requirements. The major benefit of the lifting program is establishing correct and efficient movement patterns in order to prevent the occurrence of injury while allowing optimal improvements in strength and power.

The lifting program can be useful for a wide range of clients from any fitness level through to elite sports people. Learning correct and efficient lifting technique is extremely beneficial during the early stages of an individual’s athletic development and it is our belief every school based athlete benefits enormously in learning correct, safe lifting technique. This program is a great tool for developing athletes but is also beneficial for experienced clients to reaffirm lifting technique and alter incorrect habits that the individual may not be aware of.

Areas addressed include –

  • Power Clean and Variations
  • Front and Back Squats
  • Lunge Progression and Variations
  • Upper Body Horizontal Press
  • Power Snatch and Variations
  • Dead-lift  and Variations
  • Upper Body Horizontal Pull (i.e. Bench Pull)
  • Overhead Lifts (i.e. Push Press, Military Press)
  • Plyometric and Jumping Mechanics


Benefits of Program –

  • Learn biomechanically correct and safe technique for all lifts
  • Detailed individual evaluation of technique and exercise selection
  • Learn efficient weight distribution and optimal strength and power production through movement
  • Development of correct movement patterns and therefore correct muscle recruitment
  • Performance enhancement through better technique


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