Develop Cycling specific strength and power to increase performance

Cycling requires the athlete to possess high levels of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, and the production of repetitive power outputs through the upper and lower body. Whether elite or recreational, road or track, all cyclists can benefit from specific functional strength and power training, to increase performance and prevent injury.

Shorter distance events require high levels of strength and power to enhance acceleration and maintain speed, while longer events benefit from this training strategy to generate greater cycling economy.

Cycling programs at Aspire Fitness and Rehabilitation are tailored to the athlete’s individual and racing goals while maintaining a global approach to improving sport specific strength and power. A concurrent focus is addressing any structural imbalances to assist with injury prevention.

Benefits of Program –

  • Improve sport specific strength and power, in turn enhancing performance
  • Improve strength and stability of relevant structures (Shoulder / Hip / Core) in order to prevent injury
  • A movement and functional approach that will enhance athletic development
  • Education with regards to flexibility and recovery
  • Safe and structured environment to train with high level coaching


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