Strength and Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning consultations are to design or review a sport specific performance based program. The programs aim to boost sports performance through specific strength, power and conditioning prescription – emphasising on musculoskeletal, movement or performance deficiencies. Various screening tools and performance tests will be used in order to determine the direction of the training program. Clients will be provided with the education and relevant tools to continue training between consultations.

High Performance

Our Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Exercise Physiologists developed individualised, comprehensive programs to assist athletes of all levels. These training programs focus on critical areas to improve sporting performance and reduce the risk of injury. Read More


Lifting Technique

These consultations are aimed to solely evaluate and correct lifting technique through a variety of Olympic and Core lifts performed as a part of the client’s strength program. Read More



The aim of these consultations are to provide a structured and safe environment for swimmers to perform Strength and Conditioning training that is specific to and will compliment the work that they do in the pool. Read More



Whether elite or recreational, all rowers can benefit from specific functional strength and power training, to increase performance and prevent injury. Read More



Performance gains can be made from specific functional strength and power development, which have been shown to improve endurance performance and exercise economy. Due to the high repetitive nature of the sport, taking a specific functional training focus is also beneficial in injury prevention. Read More



Cycling programs at Aspire Fitness and Rehabilitation are tailored to the athlete’s individual and racing goals while maintaining a global approach to improving sport specific strength and power. Read More


Track and Field

A specific functional strengthening program can enhance performance while reducing the risk of injury in all track and field events. Read More




Rugby consultations provide a professional and structured training environment to develop rugby specific physiological qualities. Read More



The aim of our Running program is to provide a structured and safe environment for runners to perform strength and conditioning training that is specific to and will compliment the work performed on the road. Read More

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