Triathlon Training

Remote 12-Week Triathlon Training Program

Triathlon requires many hours to be spent training on the road and in the pool developing a superior aerobic capacity and endurance vital for race day. Performance gains can be made from specific functional strength and power development, which have been shown to improve endurance performance and exercise economy. Due to the high repetitive nature of the sport, taking a specific functional training focus is also beneficial in injury prevention.

The aim of this program is to provide a structured and safe environment to perform strength and conditioning training that is specific to, and will complement the work completed on the road and in the pool under the balance of the program.

Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation Senior Exercise Physiologist Adam Garred has programmed the run component of this program along with the injury prevention programming for this package. Adam is a Masters level Strength and Conditioning Coach having worked with Rugby athletes, and individuals such as Leisel Jones, Stephanie Rice and Matt Hayden. Brendan Cappell has completed the swim-programming component. Brendan is an ex World Champion Open Water Swimmer and a current squad coach at Centenary and Colmslie pools. The current Australian Triathlon Coach, Shaun Stephens, has reviewed the program and has written the cycle component. The result of this combined specialist programming is a high level training package that caters for beginners up to the more experienced participants.

The cost of the program is $199 per person.

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