Women Only

Are you looking for a ladies only training session that is fun, fat blasting and help you reach your goals faster?

At our women’s session all fitness levels are welcome, but it is just for the girls!

Work within your limits while enjoying the fun, competitive edge that’s created when everyone pushes themselves a little bit further than they would on their own.

With commitment and consistency in your training you will achieve:

  • A slimmer, firmer, more shapely physique
  • A flatter stomach and a stronger buttocks
  • Improved endurance capacity, fitness and recovery rate
  • Increased flexibility and greatly improved posture
  • More energy to get through the day
  • Reduced stress levels and more enjoyment from each day
  • A body that moves as it should, as a fat-burning furnace

Our experienced team have extensive programs and will foster an environment built to assist your fitness goals. You don’t have to be super fit to undertake any classes at Aspire, just the desire to achieve!

To register your interest for our Women’s Only Class or to request more information please email reception@aspirefitnessrehab.com.au
or call 07 3310 4969