Total Body Conditioning

Improve you strength, power and endurance as you turn your body in a calorie burning furnace

AFRs Total Body Conditioning sessions are designed to increase muscle strength, endurance and power whilst assisting to improve your flexibility, posture and boosting your metabolism. You will experience a full body strength workout using a variety of equipment such as free weights, cable machines and total body resistance exercises (TRX).

This style of training is for those who are serious about getting results. Your body will turn into a “calorie burning furnace”. It aims to dissolve body fat within weeks, and you will notice a difference to your shape and mental outlook. You don’t have to be super fit to start Total Body Conditioning but you must approach these sessions with a positive attitude and be willing to give 100% to each and every session.

To register your interest for our Total Body Conditioning Sessions or to request more information please email
or call 07 3310 4969