Cardio Circuit

A fantastic all round workout to burn fat and improve fitness. 

Cardio Circuit training (CCT) is a fantastic way to get fit and healthy while burning your way to a stronger and toned body.

Remember that a cardiovascular workout simply involves elevating your heart rate to anywhere from 60-80% of your maximum. You don’t just have to run. Any activity that keeps your heart rate up will work, and CCT does just that!

Sessions are conducted inside or outside and include a circuit format designed to work the entire body. The session is fun, effective and full of variety to prevent you getting bored, while seeing you get the results.  Included in these sessions is the use of treadmills, ergo rowers, cross trainers, grinder, bikes, weights and more.

Our experienced team will modify individual programs within the class to suit all ages and fitness levels. If you’re time poor and balancing the demands of work and home, this is a great option to achieve your fitness goals.

So whether you want to get fit or stay in shape, CCT can help you.

To register your interest for our Cardio Circuit Training or to request more information please email
or call 07 3310 4969