Group Training

Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation know that group classes are the perfect way for you to get your workout and enjoy the social interaction and camaraderie of training with others. AFR have a variety of group training sessions tailored to meet the needs of a variety of fitness levels and interests on a fully supervised basis. This ensures that you get the maximum benefit out of every group workout.

Our Group Sessions for 2015 include:

Cardio Circuit

Cardio Circuit training (CCT) is a fantastic way to get fit and healthy while burning your way to a fitter and toned body.

Sessions will be conducted inside or outside and include methods such as circuit style training, high intensity interval training and FARTLEK designed to enhance your cardiovascular capabilities whilst improving your general fitness. Included in these sessions will be the use of treadmills, ergo rowers, Arc Trainer, Ski Erg, bikes, body weight exercises and much more.

Total Body Conditioning

AFRs Total Body Conditioning sessions are designed to increase muscle strength, endurance and power whilst assisting to improve your flexibility, posture and boosting your metabolism.

You will experience a full body strength workout using a variety of equipment such as free weights, cable machines and total body resistance exercises (TRX).

Cross Train

Cross Training Fitness is a mixture of Cardio and Resistance training using different forms of equipment such as kettle bells, battle ropes, tyres, sledge hammers as well as free weights, cable and cardio machines.

Whether you are aiming to gain strength, improve your cardiovascular capacity or general weight loss Cross Train will help you achieve these goals.


Boxing Classes are an amazing tool in our fitness armoury. Boxing is a fantastic way to get fit and burning through 500-800 calories per session! In a safe but challenging environment you will learn correct boxing technique and apply training methods that give boxers a lean, ripped physique.


At our women’s sessions all fitness levels are welcome, but it is just for the girls! Work within your limits while enjoying the fun, competitive edge that’s created when everyone pushes themselves a little bit further than they would on their own.

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