Fitness Services

Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation has industry leading trainers whose knowledge and experience will get you moving in the right direction Our team knows how to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our personal training, group training and corporate health and wellness programs provide individuals and teams with an environment to actively address their health and wellness needs with individualised and group programs focused on getting results.

Program benefits –

  • Sessions designed to achieve the best increases in your fitness level
  • Access to superior fitness training and information from the AFR team
  • Working out in a team environment which proves to be a huge motivator for success & commitment.

Personal Training

Do you need a little personal care and attention to achieve your fitness goals? If so, the special care and attention provided by Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation Personal Trainers is just the answer for you. Your AFR Personal Trainer can provide specialised and tailored programs to meet your health and wellness needs. Read More

Group Classes

Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation know that group classes are the perfect way for you to get your workout and enjoy the social interaction and camaraderie of training with others. AFR have a variety of group training sessions tailored to meet the needs of a variety of fitness levels and interests. Read More

Group Class Timetable

Group Class Pricing Guide  

Remote Training

Aspire Fitness and Rehabilitation Remote Training programs allow you to have the benefit of programs specifically designed by Accredited Exercise Physiologists that you can undertake on your own wherever you are and around your own schedule to either challenge yourself to achieve better health and fitness or to prepare for a specific event. Read More

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