Ergonomic Assessments

Queensland Sports Medicine Centre offer on-site Ergonomic Assessments to assist all office-based personnel.  QSMC has extensive experience in Occupational Health and will conduct a personalised assessment to ensure your staff remains pain free in their work environment.  The assessment includes

  • A Pre-Assessment Screen of the individual
  • Observation of the workplace
  • Information and questioning around your work duties and habits
  • Formal assessment of the workstation
  • Provision of a comprehensive report including photographs and recommendations to ensure workers are comfortable in their work environment


Recommendations may include –

  • Modifications to the workstation or work area
  • Addition of assistive equipment
  • Suggestions on work practices and habits within the workplace
  • Education provided on the spot for strategies to help deal with workplace injury prevention
  • An Exercise program to assist in injury prevention
  • Recommendations for future management


In cases where an injury has already occurred, one of our Physiotherapists is available to provide treatment providing a full continuum of care.
 A proactive approach to these issues often sees a reduction in workplace musculoskeletal injuries and employers will see the benefits of reduced costs due to injury and absenteeism.

To request more information please email or call (07) 3310 4969.