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Ask around at your local fitness centre what a persons’ reason is for storming up a sweat day in and out and the answer that you are most likely to hear is ‘ I want to lose weight.’ Despite this widespread thought pattern amongst gym goers – what they are referring to is the F word – fat.

To help you get on your way toward that goal – of fat loss – I have come up with Ten Top Tips for to lose fat and tone up!

1Resistance Training is Essential – Ladies this means you! I see countless women slogging it away for hours on the treadmill when the place you need to be is the weights room! Exercises like squats, deadlifts, push ups and chin ups will give you the most ‘bang for your buck.’ When done appropriately they will not bulk you up – this is a common misconception.

2 – Do High intensity Sprints – When was the last time you saw a fit looking muscular guy or a shapley toned woman walking on the treadmill? High intensity sprints will super charge your metabolism and create a substantial ‘after burn’ effect. Our programs will deliver you the latest in evidence-based research to ensure success!

3 –Just Move! – Numerous research papers show that people who have a higher level of incidental exercise (cycling to work, taking the stairs, yard work) have a far lower risk of obesity related diseases and improved body composition than they sedentary counterparts. We want to take this a step further and teach you the most efficient way to train so you get the most out of every workout!

4 – Eliminate Processed Foods from your diet – If your grandma doesn’t recognize it or didn’t eat it when she grew up – neither should you. Processed food are high in sugars and other additives that simply are not the best fuel for our body. We will guide you through the pitfalls of the fad diets and love the process of educating our clients to make complete lifestyle changes.

5 – Eat Smart Fats The inclusion of ‘good’ fats in your diet will help your body metabolise  ( use up) fat stores and help with joint integrity and cognitive function. Think nuts, avocados, wild salmon, coconut oil. These are examples of super foods. When you eat them is also critical – knowledge is power!

6 – Eat Protein for Brekky – Protein at breakfast time will feed your muscles and brain with a steady supply of insulin and to keep you feeling full for longer. This will avoid you feeling like you need that mid morning sugar fix – a massive counter measure to your weight loss goals!

7 – Cut down your sugar intake –  Sugar can pile on the calories and if consumed excessively can lead to weight gain and chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer. Remember sugar often hide in foods you wouldn’t suspect.  It pays to read the labels and avoid foods that have added sugar

8 – Get enough sleep – Long term studies show how important sleep is in maintaining a lean body. Sleep helps your muscles recover and grow, and a well rested body will outrun, out lift and out train a tired one! Let us show you some great apps to improve and track your fitness goals – objectifying the process is fantastic for motivation!

9 – Control What You Eat – No one ever ate anything by accident. Think about your food choices – will they benefit your body, help you toward your goals and give you the best shot at reducing your waistline? Portion control and movement are a proven method to loose weight, with all the additional info available now days lets not forget the basics!

10 – Have Veggies at Every Meal Yes this includes breakfast. By filling your plate up with low calorie, nutrient rich vegetables you are nourishing your body with powerful foods that will improve your metabolism, feed your muscles and reduce inflammation ( which can lead to increased fat stores.) A change is as good as a holiday, changing your habits just like this one will have a profound affect on how you look and feel!

Change is coming!! Keep in mind there are many other ways to improve your body composition – this is simply short list of the most effective and sure fire ways to reduce fat mass.

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