From the Trainers’ Desk


January is the time to get your goals down on paper, start (or continue) your commitment to a healthy you and maybe even step out of your comfort zone by trying something new. To get your creative juices flowing and to help inspire you, throughout January we will be letting you in on what the Aspire Fitness & Rehabilitation Trainers  and Exercise Physiologists have planned for their 2013.

First up is AFR Personal Trainer Super Sal McWilliam:

“This year I have decided to take a bit of a different approach to my health and fitness.

My first goal is to try a new style of workout for every month of the coming year. First up will be Bikram Yoga which I will be doing five days a week for the entire month.  Lifting based training will be my February training style, March I will get down and dirty with Parkour and April will be altitude training. I will supplement these with regular strength training – feel free to join me for a weights workout in the gym!

Goal number two is to compete in a Physique Competition – so this one is all about nutrition! With my monthly workouts planned ahead, all I need to focus on is clean and healthy eating. I will compete in May of this year.

My third goal comes from a challenge I didn’t manage to complete last year due to injury. I will start and finish the 96km gruelling trek that is the Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge in July this year.

Fourth is inspired my a mate who has challenged her work colleagues, friends and family to complete a 5km, 10km, half or full marathon in July to raise $25000 for cancer research. I will be taking on the half marathon with a few other brave and fabulous QSMC and AFR staff, clients and friends.

My fifth goal for this year is to continue to spread my message of the importance of leading a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle. I truly believe that exercising regularly, having a positive, outlook and healthy approach to life is the only way to live!”

To chat to Aspire’s Sally McWilliam about setting your goals for a healthier you in 2013 email  or contact Aspire on (07) 3310 4969