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High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT – is more effective for fat burning, raising your metabolism and upping your post exercise oxygen consumption than aerobic exercise.

Interval training increases the amount of fat you burn not only during your workout but for up to 24 hours post exercise as well.  Short but intense intervals are superior to steady state exercise at burning fat because working above your anaerobic threshold forces your body to adapt metabolically.  Or in other words, your body demands your fat stores be used as fuel to sustain the high level of intensity being performed.

HIIT yields the greatest results not only because of its effects on the body during the workout itself– but its’ impact on the body post exercise. Although one hour of aerobic exercise will burn more calories than 30 minutes of HIIT  the ‘afterburn’ of interval training will far outweigh that caloric value. This afterburn will raise your metabolism and elevate energy consumption for a far greater time period post exercise than any steady state workout.

Interval training is less boring and more time efficient than steady state cardio. For those that loathe the idea of slogging away an hour on the treadmill – as I do – going into a workout consisting of of 10 x 30 sec sets is much more appealing than 60 minutes of mind numbing continuous jogging. HIIT also makes you feel powerful and challenges you mentally to push yourself to new heights.  Try one of the following interval workouts next time you get your sweat on!

      • Treadmill  –  30 sec sprints with 90 sec slow walk recovery x 10
      • Rower        –  100m sprints with 200m slow row recovery x 10
      • Spin Bike   – 45 sec sprints with 2 minutes rest x 10


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